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Prompt service

 If there’s an emergency, we’ll be there fast. We’re always reliable and will never keep you waiting.

Licenced and dependable

Fully licenced and insured, we’ve been plumbing in the Adelaide Hills for over 20 years. There’s almost no problem that we can’t solve.

Lasting solutions

Some people just do patch-up jobs – not us. We always look beyond the visible problem to fix the issue permanently.

Plumber Adelaide Hills Residence Trust

In need of a commercial plumber?

We service businesses throughout the Hills and greater Adelaide.

Your local Adelaide Hills plumber

As a hills resident myself, I love the peaceful lifestyle we get to lead, but it can be easily disrupted by an issue with your plumbing.

When you call on us to help, you can be confident you’re getting someone who will do the job thoroughly and responsibly – so no matter if it’s a service or installation, you won’t run into problems down the track.

Rural experience
While known for our quality work for homes and businesses, we’re just as familiar with work on properties, whether it’s installing water tanks or repairing troughs.

With two decades’ experience to our name, we’re capable of just about any job that needs doing, and you can count on us to leave the worksite as neat and tidy as we found it.

Our services


24/7 Services

Have an emergency plumbing problem? It doesn’t matter if it’s midnight, the weekend or a public holiday – we will get out to you fast.


Fix permanently

If you notice a strange odour or can you hear gurgling noises coming from your drain, it’s probably blocked. Instead of simply unblocking it, we will inspect it thoroughly with a drain camera, finding the problem so we can quote to repair it permanently.


Repair without digging up half your property

We’re able to find burst or leaking pipes without making a mess of your property, making the process much smoother for you and anyone else involved.


Valves to keep you safe

Backflow is water flowing in the wrong direction in your pipes, which can carry contaminants back into the piping system and damage the entire plumbing in your home. We are licensed to install and annually test backflow prevention devices that are in compliance with SA Building Code Requirements.


Tanks, gutters and more

We provide numerous plumbing services to Hills homes and properties, including clearing gutters and stormwater drains, installing rainwater tanks, and maintaining your plumbing fittings and fixtures.

 If you have a tricky problem we haven’t mentioned, call us anyway – we have probably seen it before.


Maintenance and installation

We install and repair all types of hot water units, including gas, electric, and heat pump.


Some plumbers just patch up the visible problem, or do exactly what the customer said, even if it’s not going to give them the best result. Not us. We always do the work to find the cause of the problem, so that we get it fixed permanently.


If plumbers have told you a job is too hard, try us instead. We have the experience to do work that many others can’t.


For us, our customers are our highest priority. We do everything necessary to leave them confident everything is working as it should be, and happy with the experience.

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