At Adam Plumbing and Gas, we’ve worked in the plumbing industry for decades and we have well and truly seen it all! Being a plumber in Adelaide, we have gained extensive knowledge in our field and know how to solve our customers plumbing concerns. Below you can find the 6 most common plumbing emergencies we encounter on a regular basis and why it’s always best to leave your plumbing problems to the professionals.


Blocked toilets are potentially one of the most common plumbing problems our team fixes. They are most commonly caused by tree roots entering the sewer pipe through a break in the drain or a faulty joint in the drain, too much toilet paper being used or foreign objects such as sanitary items being flushed down the toilet. Another cause of blockages is kitchen waste, fat and grease, being tipped down the sink. Ground movement often causes underground pipes to crack or joints to pull apart, allowing tree roots to enter the drain, once they have a source of water they will grow inside the pipe causing blockages.
If you notice your toilet filling when it is flushed, or even emptying completely (syphoning), or if basins or showers etc behave differently when they are used you probably have a blockage that should be seen to as soon as possible.
Another cause of blockages in smaller waste pipes, especially in the bathroom, is hair and bathroom silt building up in the smaller drains under your bathroom floor.


At Adam Plumbing and Gas we prefer to give our customers the option of locating and repairing the cause of the issue, not just the symptom showing as a result of drainage issues and blocked drains. That is why we have invested heavily in technology and training with Drain Camera equipment. Using our CCTV technology we are able to accurately locate the cause of your problem, show you what is affecting the drain and quote for repairs, often saving long term maintenance costs.


Having no access to hot water can be extremely unpleasant and especially in the colder periods, no one wants to have cold showers. If you encounter issues with your hot water, it could be due to a number of reasons such as issues with your thermostat or your pilot light may need reigniting. Regardless of what your hot water concern is, if you want it solved promptly, let a professional take a look and they’ll have it fixed in no time.


One of the most dangerous plumbing concerns we encounter are gas leaks. This is something you should always leave to an experienced plumber as if not handled correctly, could lead to fires, explosions or even carbon monoxide poisoning. If you begin to notice an unusual smell or hear strange noises near your gas appliances, call a plumber immediately. Dealing with gas is very dangerous and must only be handled by a licensed plumber.


One of the most common household plumbing problems often considered to be a minor inconvenience can lead to bigger issues. Dripping taps can be caused by simple things like a tap washer splitting, but is often the result of a combination of issues. Good quality washers and a proper service where we re-seat the brass seat, change the ‘O’ ring and clean the inside of your spindles will normally prevent further damage to your tap body and possibly surrounding benches or cabinets.

HIGH WATER PRESSURE is often the cause of dripping taps and can also cause multiple other problems such as water hammer and bursting appliance connecting hoses. High water pressure is also the number one cause of hot water services failing before they should. At Adam Plumbing and Gas we know what to look for and can advise you on the best way to solve this problem permanently.


In the instance you notice a leaking pipe, you should always have a licenced plumber visit your home or property and inspect it. If you ignore a leaking pipe you run the risk of flooding, which can cause excessive damage to your property, costing thousands to fix. If you suspect you may have issues with your water pipes, call a plumber and have them inspect it, to reassure your peace of mind.

When people encounter problems with their plumbing, it can become quite a stressful time and not knowing who to call and more importantly who you can trust can be difficult. At Adam Plumbing and Gas, we’ve earned ourselves a reputation of being the most reliable, trustworthy and affordable plumbers Adelaide. If ever you experience any plumbing concerns, give our friendly team a call and we’ll find the solution!

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